'Silent Quarry' 2020 Oil on canvas panel.

Walking with Offa / Cerdded gydag Offa

Offa's Dyke Centre, Knighton 1st March - 31st August, 2021.

An exhibition coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Offa's Dyke Path. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of events held along the border and locations of Offa's Dyke monument.

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Recent paintings until 26 September 

By appointmnet or daily 5pm - 10pm.

Vout-O-Reenee’s and The Stash Gallery are located at The Crypt (below the Church) of

30 Prescot St London E1 8BB

email: info@vout-o-reenees.co.uk
tel: 07753702910

Dan Llywelyn Hall’s paintings of place reach like memory for the heart of the moment of being somewhere. Llywelyn Hall’s work is figurative without being descriptive. His intense exploratory use of colour and the physical language of paint, is coupled with a deep knowledge of and affinity to the history of art. ‘The Neo-Romantics worked in a period which I think was honest. They were charged with a sense of place, and that great lineage through from Samuel Palmer to Sutherland.’



‘He is part of that visionary lineage of painters for whom the world was suffused by the mind of its seer, for whom landscape became an embodiment of human feeling and thought.  It was this spirit of immanence which such British artists as Turner and Constable were aiming to capture; which their succession of followers from Samuel Palmer through John Piper and Graham Sutherland to Paul Nash all set out to evoke. ‘ Rachel Campbell Johnston, Art Critic, The Times

Poets of Inspiration

17th September

Vout O Reenees, London.


Dan is often inspired by poetry. During the month of his exhibition - Awakenings - in The Stash Gallery, he has chosen to bring his favourite poets together for one night only. Forward Prize winner Robert Minhinnick, Hawthornden Fellow Sue Hubbard, Hugo Williams awarded the Queens Medal for Poetry and performance poet Oliver James Lomax whos first book of poetry was a collaboration with Dan.

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The Dunes

Book collaboration with poet Robert Minhinnick

A book collaboration between poet and artist. Both Dan and Robert Minhinnick have been inspired by the dunes of Merthyr Mawr, South Wales. This book is published by Raven Made Press and a series of readings and exhibitions in connection will take place over 2019 / 2020. Purchase book HERE

The 53 Trees of Western Road, acrylic and ink on paper. Street tree campaign in Sheffield 2018

The Pop Troubadour -Marc Almond, Oil on canvas 2019 

Dambusters Reunited

Reuniting the Dambusters for the 75TH Anniversary

A historic portrait exhibition took place in London and reunited the last surviving British Dambuster, Squadron Leader George 'Johnny' Johnson MBE, DFM, now aged 96 with his 132 squadron members. 

The night of 16th/17th May 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the famous 'Dambuster' raid over Germany by 617 Squadron of the RAF using the ‘bouncing bombs’ invented by Barnes Wallis.  The raid was dramatised in the classic 1955 film, ‘The Dam Busters’. 

To order the commemorative limited edition book featuring all 133 portraits

of all the Dambusters with introduction by Johnny Johnson please visit the STORE

See a short film produced by ITV on the making of Dambusters Reunited HERE

Read about Fred Sutherland's unveiling of Dan's portrait in Canada HERE

Read about the project and the plan for exhibition in May HERE

Watch an ITV production of the portraits in progress HERE

'Amy's Glance' Acrylic on canvas, 2009-2012
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